Lizzie's Story - Action Duchenne

Polly and I are training for our first ever marathon, along with 3 of our friends. We are doing Manchester 2020 on April 5th and we are using it to fundraise for a charity very close to our hearts-Action Duchenne.

My eldest son Sebastian, now 5, was diagnosed aged 2.5 with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Duchenne is a progressive muscle wasting disease which means that instead of getting stronger, every muscle gets gradually weaker until they fail. It affects every muscle in the body, including heart and lungs and the current life expectancy in the UK for those with Duchenne is 25. Action Duchenne have been a big part of supporting my family on our journey so far and also raise money for research into this disease which currently has no treatment or cure.

So I just wondered if you could read our team justgiving page and share it if you can so we can raise essential awareness and funds. Thank you so much!

Lizzie Deeble

Please feel free to click on the Photo for a link to Lizzie's Just Giving Page.

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