Return of Club Running


I’m pleased to inform you that the practise session on Mon went well, with a couple of points identified that we, the Run Leaders,

hadn’t thought of beforehand. For eg making sure water bottles are also socially distanced!

The plan now is for a couple of other options to be recced by the Run Leaders which will take place this week. This will enable us to check our assumptions on the location and get the COVID19 risk assessments drawn up ready.

We hope that sessions will recommence next week.

I will send our current members an email, I intend that to be this evening, with more details on these. We have an idea as to how to manage the 5 places available on these and I’ll be asking for your feedback on this. Our plan is to run (all puns intended) the same session on a Mon and Thu so that we maximise the number of members who can benefit from the sessions.

Safe running everyone - don’t fall over your own feet!


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