The Team behind the Team

We are a friendly running club based in and around Witham St Hughs in Lincolnshire, as such, we like to think we've put together a good team to navigate the club, arrange interesting and rewarding sessions and create a club where everyone will feel welcome.

If you have any questions, the best place to look is and one of us will happily answer any questions you have.

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Stu Bowyer

Stu has a passion for running and travel and takes part in the Barcelona Half Marathon every year.  He is one of our Run Leaders and gives great advice and encouragement to all our members.  He is also the Club Chairman.


Kay Peters

Club Secretary and Run Leader. Kay has also won silverware for Witham Runners.

When Kay is in charge, expect a nice leisurely run around her favourite lakes in Hykeham.


Lindsey Holmes

Lindsey is our Club Treasurer, dedicated Run Leader and huge fan of the Tunman Wood where we conduct some of the most interesting Club runs.

Always a great session when Lindsey is in charge and caters for all abilities.

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Marcus Synan

Run Leader Marcus is the fan of track and hill sessions around Lincoln.  Thankfully, his sessions suit all our abilities and are always tailored when an individual requests.


Martin Waite

Martin is our Membership Secretary and Club superstar, having represented at a number of levels over the decades, he's still winning silverware for the club and winning age-group races.


Laura Stinson

Run Leader Laura will offer huge banks of enthusiasm and encouragement to you as she takes the Beacon Hill training session in Newark.  It sounds awful, but truly, Laura makes a hill session fun and suitable for all!  Laura has completed a variety of competitive distances, including having a few marathons under her belt.

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Paul Blissett

Paul is a committed Run Leader and committed runner with Witham Runners.  When he's not taking our track sessions or club runs, Paul is a big fan of parkrun with his daughter.